Recognizing your biggest Digital Marketing challenge!

As the world becomes more digital through huge technological advances in the last years, is only logical that digital marketing has become more popular with both consumers and businesses. For businesses, it offers cost effectiveness, immediate feedback, accessibility, and much more. But you can only get all these benefits if it’s done right, hence the importance of recognizing what is your biggest digital marketing challenge in order to give your consumers engaging, informative and timely content.

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Social Media’s 3-1 rule

How much to sell and how much information to share on social media? If you keep posting commercial information via social media like promos and discounts, people will just get tired and eventually stop following you. If you don’t offer content with some added value to your potential and current customer, they will grow tired of you.

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Is your website mobile-friendly? Find out!

Google recently updated its rules regarding how results are presented for SEO, Search Engine Optimization. In April 2015, the algorithm was changed and one of the main points from this involved making web pages compatibles with mobile devices such as SmartPhones and Tablets.

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