The E-commerce business cycle states that 95% of first time visitors won't buy, and on average sells start ramping up after 6 months of launching the site. Is important then, to have a good online marketing strategy so that through search engines, traffic is generated from the very start and ultimately your website can convert this traffic into sales.
If you’re interested in selling a product over the Internet, let me tell you it is anything but easy. More than 95% of online store visitors do not buy on their first visit; on average customers buy at an Ecommerce 6 months after they visited for the first time.

We can help you create a catalog for your products, set up a shopping basket and paying methods and built up a spectacular online store. But that’s only the beginning; we need to attract new customers, convert visitors in actual buyers, and promote buyback and track where the income is coming from.

Characteristics of successful online businesses:

  • They currently market those products and have experience. They either trade or have an online store
  • The product they sell is hard to find or if it is a very common product, they have the best price in the market
  • They are willing to invest in a project and understand that their online store is just another branch. You need to look after it, you need staff and you need to invest in a Digital Marketing strategy

We regularly see an online store operating in red numbers for the first 6 months, from 6 to 12 months they operate in black numbers, zero utility, and from the first year onwards, they start generating small profits. The good revenue only starts from the 18 - 24 months.