Lead nurturing

Nurture your potential market and they will become customers.

To find potential customers is fantastic, but not all of them are ready to buy from you. From all the users that visit a website, only around 5 to 25 percent is technically ready to purchase, the rest is just doing research. A solution for this is called “Lead Nurturing”, also know as Marketing Automation or Drip Marketing. Lead Nurturing is a system that allows you to send programmed e-mails to your contacts, based on the stage they are from the Buyer’s Journey (Getting to know the product, comparing options, making a decision). This stimulates their evolution and helps them make up their mind, converting them ideally in buying customers.

Based in your products and your market, it is important to recognize the flow of all recent sales and the time a user takes from contacting you for the first time, to purchasing. If it takes a month, then you need to provide information for them so they keep you on their minds during that time. This way, you can set up a system and create effective Lead Nurturing campaigns.

These are the reasons we need be alert regarding our contacts:

1. Thirty five to fifty percent of your contacts will ultimately buy from whoever answers their questions first. Automated Lead Nurturing is a great way to keep a contact, mainly to remind them of your website if they have stopped visiting for any reason.

2. Unless your company is a transnational, is very likely people do not know about you. Lead Nurturing gives you the opportunity to show your self as an expert in your field. According to a research by Genius.com, 66% of all buyers say that they were influenced by the constant and relevant communication provided by sales and marketing departments.

3. Lead Nurturing is the perfect tool to get to know your contacts, their challenges and products they are interested on. You can detect how they react to specific content and this will give you opportunities to make your conversations more assertive. You can also segment future communications and make them more effective.

Benefits of implementing Lead Nurturing campaigns:

1. They arrive in just the right moment. This is something your regular e-mail account can’t do, since it makes no distinction of old and recent e-mail. Automated Lead Nurturing starts to make contact from the beginning, registering everything it sends out, every single click and all data it retrieves, is analysed by it.

2. Automation and shortening of times. Once you program a campaign, the system does all the work, making it look like a person is taking exclusive care of your contacts. The company Market2Lead, owned by Oracle, pointed out that the sales cycle for its Lead Nurturing contacts was 23% shorter.

3. It allows better precision for reaching for market. An example of this is when a user downloads information about a product, sending an e-mail in order to follow up this request and giving more information related to what they looked at before, can help them make up their minds.

One of the most popular Lead Nurturing systems is Hubspot. If you want to work with this system, is necessary to configure it and integrate it to your website, bearing in mind your Buyer Personas (Customer profiles), products to be monitored, and the goals you want to achieve to measure sales, efficiency and effectiveness; globally or if is just for a specific campaign.

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