Social Media’s 3-1 rule

How much to sell and how much information to share on social media?

If you keep posting commercial information via social media like promos and discounts, people will just get tired and eventually stop following you. If you don’t offer content with some added value to your potential and current customer, they will grow tired of you.

On the other hand, if you have a Social Media strategy based on interesting content generation (ex, a blog), people will more likely pay attention to your posts; But we can’t forget the main goal of this strategy: to share interesting information so your potential customers buy from you and that current ones keep buying from you.

If you are already posting content of interest to your market, we recommend the use of the 3-1 rule in Social Media.

“For each commercial post, create 3 informative posts”

For example, if people look at you Facebook fanpage, they will look at three interesting, not sales related posts in a row, followed by one that that gives them an offer to buy from you. If they scroll down your page, the will continue the same proportion of commercial and informative posts. That is enough content for them to keep interested, and just enough sale offers in order for people no to be saturated but not letting them forget what you are selling.

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