Lead nurturing

Nurture your potential market and they will become customers.

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I’m not interested in your product. Has anybody ever said that to you?

One of the most common behaviour from a sales person is to saturate with information about the benefits of a product. Bearing in mind that people are different from each other, they could be looking for your product for different reasons as well. If you saturate customers with details and they still can't find the solution they are looking for, expect to hear these phrases often: "I'm not interested in your product", "it's not what I am looking for" or "It's not for me".

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What is inbound marketing?

You have probably heard of the term "Inbound Marketing" before; In order to define what it means, we could start by defining the opposite term, "Outbound Marketing". Outbound refers to every "traditional" method is used by a company in order to increase sales like newspaper ads, billboards, TV, radio, flyers. All of these are trying to get the attention of potential buyers.

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