I’m not interested in your product. Has anybody ever said that to you?

One of the most common behaviour from a sales person is to saturate with information about the benefits of a product. Bearing in mind that people are different from each other, they could be looking for your product for different reasons as well. If you saturate customers with details and they still can't find the solution they are looking for, expect to hear these phrases often: "I'm not interested in your product", "it's not what I am looking for" or "It's not for me".

When your plan the content for your website is very likely the same happens to you. If you put your self in your customer's shoes you'll come across with questions like, why did the look for my product online? Or, why do they buy? There are no absolute answers, many might come out. If we identify characteristics from the people that bought from you before, we will be able to generate better content for your website.

We call these ideal customers, Buyer Personas. They are semi fictitious characters based on market research. To do this, demographic data is collected, behaviours, industry, goals, and challenges. You basically want the answer to, what do my buying customers have in common?

Two examples of buyer personas for I pads are mums and executives. Mums are interested in installing many games so her children can play with it while she attends something else and for it to be resistant. An executive on the other hand is looking for the device to have good performance for business meetings. It is the same product, but according to these buyer persona profiles, different benefits are highlighted according to them.

If you are planning on creating or re designing a website, we recommend you to think on your buyer personas first. This way you can create content that generates empathy with every single one of your ideal customers.

Here's a link to an Apple ad for I pad that reaches all of its Buyer Personas.

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