Prospecting vs. online strategy

Change "cold calls" for "hot calls". Are you tired of prospecting and getting very few results?

A very common strategy in order to generate sales is to get in touch with many companies just to check if there is a possibility of a sale, this is what is commonly known as "cold calls". What would you say if we tell you that you don't need to look for customers but that they will come looking for you?

For your business to generate a sale you need a potential customer that needs you product or service, a customer that has the right budget and you need that customer to be the one taking the decisions. If you are missing any of these three points, a sale will never come through. With "cold calls" you regularly don't get any of these points, is just a call for you to find out if there is a possibility and on top of everything you need to deal with rejection.

A good online strategy can generate potential customers for you product or service that will come looking for you, instead of the other way around. Whoever contacts you through your website has the need for what you offer, you just need to know if they have the budget for it and if that customer is the one taking final decisions.

Prospecting VS Online Strategy:

To make 1,000 phone calls can take a person up to a month's work, but, how many sales can this person generate? If more than 5 are made, we'd be surprised.

On the other hand, a good online strategy can generate around 20 interested customers a month and probably those 5 sales o even more.

How to create a strategy? We recommend you reading Get rolling with "hot calls".

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