E Books

Your website is working, everything is perfect. Visits to specific sections are registered, but the number of people filling up the contact form is very low. Putting our selves in the customer’s shoes, in fact being one of them, we are not willing to leave our details in every site we visit. What can we do to make them want to share willingly their details? An exchange could be of great help!

E-books are documents designed with that purpose. We put together information thinking of the type of customers we want to attract, information that they might consider valuable about something in particular, or recommendations or techniques that can be applied to their business. We love to maintain anonymity for our security, but for an E-book that can be of help, is worth sharing our details.

Once you define a purpose and we have an E-book ready, this one is uploaded to a section in your website where people can download it through a link or a button once they fill up a form. This way we can monitor how many times it has been downloaded, from where, and better yet, we end up with details of potential customers; the key is continuity, adding them to a distribution list for future posts or direct e-mails if the customers show some interest.

An E-book must be designed in such a way that it invites people to take some action, either by getting them to research more about the subject you talk about or even better, to get them to decide to buy from you.

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